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About Me

Well, let's begin. My name is Jacob Dawson and I am currently a student studying Product Design at AUT here in Auckland, New Zealand. I am 23, a big fan of leather boots and have recently begun wearing glasses because people automatically think you are smarter when you wear them (and I need them).

Why Product Design

For me Product Design is about making small tweaks in reality that make life better for all. Great products fix big problems. It is the job of a Product Designer to take technology, research, different materials and put them all together in such a way to create an appealing product that can change the world. That's why I am studying Product Design. We fix problems. We change the world. 

The Vlog

I started my weekly vlog as a way to document my adventures in this new world of Product Design. I want to show you my journey and along the way give you a deeper appreciation of the design of everyday things.

I push hard and if I can show, inspire and encourage other students to do the same in their own fields then wow, that would be grand. We are the future, thus we can change the future. Lets make it great!